Oh no, I need to loose 10 pounds fast!!

You put the dress on and all that you can see is rolls over and under the underwear lines.

“This makes me look 10 pounds heavier than I am”. Does this sound familiar? Even woman without extra weight have this experience.

Many women refuse to try on one size up in their clothing. In reality it will actually make you look thinner when clothes are not so tight. Diana Ross used to say that she looked so thin because she would go up a size or two. Funny, but some truth to that. On the other hand it could just be the undergarments.

Bras with elastic on the top and bottom of the back panel just pinch the soft skin together and cause the appearance of another roll or two. Tight underwear or waistbands then cause yet another roll until we start to resemble the Goodyear tire man.

The solution? Find a good smooth bra with a solid Lycra back, no elastic just a pretty smooth back. One great bra is by Spanx. Smooth cup, underwire and soft back that leaves no lines. The other product from Spanx that is often all you need is their thin-stincts bodysuit. This is a very light, cool smoother that you wear with your own bra. You will get beautiful results. Watch out for the undergarments and then it is smooth sailing from there.

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